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This is a website cerating to test Joomla extensions: Component, Module, and Plugin. To allow visitors to see how each Extension works. Not only for seeing, visitors can test them out as well. Regarding Mindphp.com has been developing numerous Joomla extensions. Thought, we have only Feature articles in our website, but visitors cannot test it practically. Therefore, Mindphp develops this Demo 3.x website to gather all extensions for visitors to test or just to check them out.

In the website, we divide all extensions into 3 categories: Components, Modules, and Plugins. There are on the top of our website. Just pointing your cursor mouse to dropdown more detail. Apart of Components qualifications, Some Components also have Plugins to enhance their performances. Make them more fascinating. And it’s also showing extensions information such as Title, Version, Link to Feature Page, Link to Manual, Link to Support, Type of extensions, Joomla Version, Link to download or to make a purchase, and so on.
The Demo Website supports both English and Thai. This website is another choice for you to create an awesome website. You can test the Components out to see which Components are suitable for your website. Thus, Mindphp provides both Free to Download and Commercial Extensions (Paid). The Demo website is a sub-website from www.mindphp.com and shop.mindphp.com. The Demo using to demonstrate extensions only. For those who are interested in the extensions, go check out at shop.mindphp in Shop. Plentiful extensions are waiting for you there.

Plus, in the shop.mindphp, we also have news and interesting contents from Blog about website development for you to study 24/7. Moreover, in the website, you can also find Extensions : Guidance and Tutorial in VDOs. There are categorized by their types such as Joomla, phpBB, Wordpress, and Odoo !! Just a few clicks to own these awesome Extensions: How to buy

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